Potato-Crusted Frittata

This substantial breakfast dish falls somewhere between a classic quiche and a more structured frittata. A true quiche includes a pastry crust and some dairy, while frittatas do not. While this version does include a crust, it is made from baked shredded potatoes, rather than pastry dough. It also includes one cup of whole milk for a rich creamy texture.

Cajun Red Beans & Rice Skillet

This hearty one skillet meal is inspired by the flavors of the classic Louisiana dish. However, this version comes together in one pot, rather than served with cooked white rice on the side. Although this dish offers a distinctly different visual presentation from the classic version, the robust flavor profile makes for a very satisfying meal.

Boneless Pork Chops with Wild Rice Pilaf Skillet

The key advantages to preparing this meal in a single skillet include easier clean-up and a better integration of flavors by preparing the pork, aromatics, and rice in one pan. However, timing is an important consideration when preparing one-skillet meals that include rice or a wild rice blend. The final cook time will vary by type of rice, blend composition, brand, individual cooktop, and the addition of other ingredients.
The rice should be cooked through without being too hard or too mushy, so be sure to pay attention to the preparation instructions for the brand you are using and keep a close eye on it the first time you prepare this recipe.

Loaded Cabbage Steaks with

Tip: Actual cook time will vary depending on how thick and evenly the cabbage is sliced and the amount of moisture in the cabbage slices. For best results, check after 30 minutes and adjust final cook time accordingly.

Tuscan Pork Chops with White Beans and Crispy Sage

The pork chops featured in these images are 1-inch thick and weigh 20 oz. Therefore, they could be served “as is” for two large servings or the meat can be removed from the bone prior to serving for four modest portions.

Tip: Make sure the sage leaves are completely dried before adding to the hot oil to prevent spattering.

Instant Pot® Asian-Style Sticky Ribs

If you can’t find baby back ribs that are already sliced, pick up a slab instead. Just be sure to remove the thin membrane from the back before slicing.
The garlic chili sauce used in this recipe is available in most grocery stores or online. It is spicy (and the spiciness becomes more pronounced with time) so start with one teaspoon and add more, if desired.

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